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Find Compatible Singles by Dating Online!

eHarmony is different than all the other Australian dating sites.  They use science and personality profiling to find potential matches for you, sent straight to your inbox!  Whether you’re new to dating online, or experienced and sick of meeting the wrong people, eHarmony is probably the place for you.  And best of all it’s easy and you can try it for free!

Why is eHarmony Better than other Online Dating sites?

eHarmony uses a patented Compatibility Matching System™, that narrows down your possible dates to  a select group with whom you share deep levels of compatibility.  Their match making system is so specific, it matches singles up with areas such as values, character, intellect, spiritual belief, sense of humor, passion and more.  This isn’t another dating site that is about browsing the best photos and best written profiles!

Who uses eHarmony to find Singles Online?

Singles of all ages and backgrounds use eHarmony, but in general it is a community of people looking for real relationships.  Age doesn’t matter, whether you’re 25 or 65, eHarmony will only match you up with people who meet your requirements.  With eHarmony there is no more wasting time and getting lost in millions of profiles.  eHarmony brings compatible matches to you, defined by your age requirements, compatibility and more.

The Science of Match Making

Dr. Neil Clark Warren a psychologist and relationship expert, is the founder of eHarmony and spent years studying married couples to find out what made compatible couples. Through this research he found the key areas that maks relationships hit or miss: areas such as intellect, adaptability, curiosity, spirituality, feelings about children, relationship skills, conflict resolution.  There are 29 key areas in the eHarmony matching system which help predict a suitable match just for you. The matches you will find here, you won’t find anywhere else. That is why eHarmony isn’t about just dating, it’s about finding soul mates, and matching people who will be connected for life.

Feeling Anxious, Don’t Know Where to Start?

You’re not alone!  eHarmony helps take your first steps to meeting your match by offering guided communication. Essentially eHarmony will help you break the ice with their multiple choice questions that will help you build rapport without stepping out of your comfort zone.  Worried about your profile?  eHarmony will help you define what is important… to help you define what your “must haves” and “can’t stands” are. That way their will be know matches made with cat lovers and animal haters! Getting real… eHarmony will make it easy to get the facts before you get emotionally involved. They will help you step by step, to ask the important questions and explore issues that are often overlooked.

Introvert or Extrovert?

No problem, eHarmony has solutions for both!  If you want to keep your privacy, eHarmony will allow you to communicate with your matches without sharing your profile, until you’re ready.  But if ready to jump right in, you can also take the eHarmony fast-track that allows for more open communication instantly.

Getting Started – Dating Online is Easy!

The eHarmony process is painless and easy!  Step 1: Take the patented eHarmony relationship questionnaire.  This will create a profile about you, your lifestyle and personality, to help find your match. You may even learn something about yourself along the way!  Step 2: Receive your free personality profile (worth $40). This custom made report will give you insights into how you perceive yourself and how others percieve you.  Step 3: Match Making – This is the exciting step where eHarmony takes your profile and find other suitable profiles that are good matches for you.  Step 4: Review your Matches for free.  See who your compatible matches are.  Step 5: Start Communication.  The most fun part of all, start communicating with people matched to you.  Your matches could turn out to be your next best friend or your soul mate, you’ll never know until you give them a chance.

Try Online Dating, you have nothing to lose?

Get your eHarmony free trial now, it is 100% risk-free! Your information is totally private and you only share it when you choose to.  There is no financial risk either, no credit card required to give it a try!

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